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The Importance of 4-H in the world of Agriculture

Feb 1, 2017, 11:49 AM

I pledge

My Head to clearer thinking
My Heart to greater loyalty
My Hands to larger service
My Health to better living

For my club, my community, my country and my world.

This is the pledge of the 4-H organization, the origin of the four H’s. With these words, countless children and young adults have pledged their time and efforts to making the world a better place. Without the hard work of these young people, agriculture as we know it today wouldn’t exist.

4-H clubs first began as an idea to combat the closed-mindedness of adult farmers. Researchers in the late 1800s found that adults in the farming community weren’t interested in learning about new developments in the world of agriculture science. They noticed instead that young people enjoyed discussing these new ideas and technologies and shared them with the adults in their lives.

These researchers developed “hands-on learning” rural youth programs, which gave young people an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and share their findings with the local community. Through these programs, knowledge was not just passed down to young people, but spread throughout the area.

Today, 4-H is one of the largest youth programs in the nation. 4-H brings students an opportunity to deeply understand and explore real-world issues like global food security, sustainable energy, childhood obesity and food safety. In the same way that agriculture influences every other aspect of the modern world, 4-H experience gives young people real insight to the big-picture world around them.

4-H is a great way for students to grow in many fields of study, and has also shown its importance in agricultural development. The world of agriculture wouldn’t be the same without millions of adults entering their fields with the experience and education 4-H training provides. Mississippi Ag and Arkansas Ag is proud to support our local 4-H clubs in our community!

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