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History of John Deere's Green and Yellow

Feb 22, 2017, 11:44 AM

Green and yellow. There are fewer combinations more iconic than these. The leaping deer has been wrapped in this combo for almost 100 years now, but have you ever thought about why? The exact origin of the classic green tractor with yellow wheels so famous for John Deere is unclear, but we have several theories.

The first theory dates all the way back to one of the company’s first partnerships. John Deere as a company didn’t start making tractors until 1918, when they began manufacturing tractors with their newly- acquired brand, The Waterloo Engine Company. At this point, the Waterloo Engine Company was already making a green tractor, which may have been the jumping-off point for the green and yellow color scheme.

The green tractor definitely worked for them in their market, because their leading tractor competitor at the time colored all of their machines red. Choosing the exact opposite color helped their product stick out to buyers. It also started a funny rumor that their competitor needed to paint their tractors red so you could find them when they broke down out in the field! Obviously Deere’s were green because they were confident you would never have that problem.

By this time in the life of the John Deere company, they found lots of success in purchasing other companies and improving their product. When they brought together so many different brands, they were missing a uniform look. Many people believe the John Deere Company decided to unify all of its different products under one color scheme to make their products even more recognizable to customers. This was a new idea, people didn’t really understand branding like they do now, but John Deere Company was ahead of the times.

The freshly-cut grass green and perfect-for- harvest corn yellow certainly feel like farm colors, and have proven time and time again to be the mark of excellent farm work. While we may not know exactly why the combination began, we sure love to see it out in the field now! If you’d like to add a little more green and yellow to your land, give us a call or come see us at one of our showrooms! We want to be your choice for your land and enable you to enjoy life through our passion for the land, dedication to service, and commitment to mutual success.

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