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8 Things You Didn’t Know John Deere Made

Mar 8, 2017, 11:39 AM

John Deere is a brand that has been around since the beginning of American farming. The green and yellow are almost as recognizable as the red, white and blue! However, did you know the leaping deer is seen on more than just tractors? Here are eight things you might not know that John Deere made:

1. The John Deere Company has always been proud of being on the cutting edge of equipment trends. Even in 1894, when a bicycle craze swept the nation, John Deere was there — ready to provide the best cycles they could make. The Deere Leader, the Deere Roadster, and the Moline Special were types of bikes that John Deere produced, (some with wooden wheels), but the fad faded just as quickly as it began.

2. Throughout World War II, the John Deere Company was highly committed to its country. John Deere’s contributions to the war effort included manufacturing armored military tractors, ammunition, aircraft parts and mobile laundry units.

3. When the war effort meant affordable housing was no longer available to its employees, the John Deere Company partnered with the John Deere estate to build over 400 houses and apartments to rent to employees and their families beginning in 1920.

4. Vintage John Deere matchbooks can be found dated as early as the 1940s. Some of these sell online to collectors for up to $125!

5. Throughout the 1960s, John Deere expanded its lines to include all sorts of consumer level products like snow mobiles, portable heaters, lanterns and hand-held tools.

6. In 2004, the John Deere Company released a pc video game, “John Deere American Farmer,” for kids to simulate what it was like to operate classic heavy farm equipment. Today, there are still educational computer games available for children to play on the John Deere website!

7. John Deere may be famous for its top-quality engines, but, did you know they provide powerful engines for all kinds of industries worldwide, including marine? John Deere engines can be found in all kinds of watercraft from small yachts to deep blue workboats.

8. If you like to stroll the back nine to unwind, you’ve probably walked on land groomed by a Deere. John Deere mowers are the gold standard for golf course grooming, and for good reason. There are over 50 different kinds of John Deere Golf and Sports Turf specialty grooming machines in production today!

From hay fields to the open seas, John Deere’s technology is truly everywhere. We like to think of that as proof that the best only use the best. Call us today to learn more about how you can get a little Deere in your industry, and see how far it can take you.

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